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    Differences in script, clay color, bottom residue, finishers numbers, glazers marks and artist initials can all help in the dating of a piece of Van Briggle pottery. The earliest pieces of Van Briggle will often have the AA logo, company name, roman numerals and a date and stamped shape number in most cases. Sometimes these bottom marks are glaze obscured or partially ground off of the bottom. Often times …

BottomMarkings - A Van Briggle Original
    36 rows · Apr 29, 2007 · Van Briggle Artist Markings There are three basic classes of artisans at Van Briggle, and ...

Dating Van Briggle Pottery Just Art Pottery
    Van Briggle Pottery produced between the later part of 1907 through 1912 is typically marked Van Briggle, Colo Spgs (or Colorado Springs), as well as finisher numbers to either or both the left and right of the double A logo and the design number below Colo Spgs.

By Date Van Briggle Notes
    Feb 20, 2018 · Bottom markings include the Double-A, Van Briggle, 1902, III for clay type; all in the handwriting attributed to Artus Van Briggle. (2) Molded with Experimental Markings Design #21 markings are Double-A, Van Briggle, III clay type, and iridescent Roman Numerals on the side of the bottom at about the 8-9:00 position; all in the handwriting attributed to Artus Van Briggle.

Artus Van Briggle
    The Van Briggle Pottery Company was founded in 1901 by Artus Van Briggle in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This website will show the marks used on the pottery by this company over the years. Also shown are early examples, novelty items and ephemera.

Dating and Valuing Van Briggle Pottery
    Van Briggle marked its pieces in several different ways early on. The marks were all incised (another word for carving or stamping the signature directly into the clay) by hand into the bottoms of the pieces so each mark may contain the same basic information but look very different from the next.

Van Briggle Pottery Fakes - Real or Repro
    In 1931, the business was renamed again as Van Briggle Art Pottery which it remains to this day. Authentic Marks. Despite the various business names, the words and symbols that appear on Van Briggle pottery have been fairly consistent over the years. Authentic marks can be divided into two broad categories: 1) those from ca. 1901-1920; 2) those after 1920. The vast majority of authentic marks …

van briggle pottery Pricing Guides Dictionary & Values
    Van Briggle mark partially; Produced by Van Briggle Pottery, ColoradoProduced by Van Briggle Pottery, Colorado Springs during the mid 1920's to 1940's with incised marks. Features a matte blue color from the dated period.

Van Briggle Art Pottery Prices - 6,065 Auction Price Results
    Research 6,065 Van Briggle Art Pottery prices and auction results in undefined. Learn the market value of your Van Briggle Art Pottery. ... Incised marks. View Full Details. Van Briggle 1905 Despondency, dark green mat, 12 5/8" Humler & Nolan Jun 09, 2018. See Sold Price. Fine Spring Estates

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