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Urban Dictionary: vamp
    Vamp. Verb: the act of leaving an area or scene, often due to not wanting to be there any longer, but not in all cases. Initially drawn from an interpretation (or possible misinterpretation) of a line from the 3 6 Mafia song, " Slob On My Knob ".

Femme fatale - Wikipedia
    A femme fatale, sometimes called a maneater or vamp, is a stock character of a mysterious, beautiful, and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, deadly traps. She is an archetype of literature and art. Her ability to enchant, entice and hypnotize her victim with a spell was in the earliest stories seen as verging on supernatural; hence, the femme fatale today is …

VAMP - What Does VAMP Abbreviation Mean?
    What does VAMP stand for? List of 44 VAMP definitions. Top VAMP abbreviation meanings updated February 2021

What does VAMP stand for? -
    coquette, flirt, vamp, vamper, minx, tease, prickteaser (noun) a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men. see more ».

Ostinato - Wikipedia
    In music, a vamp is a repeating musical figure, section, or accompaniment used in blues, jazz, gospel, soul, and musical theater. Vamps are also found in rock, funk, reggae, R&B, pop, country, and post-sixties jazz. Vamps are usually harmonically sparse: A vamp may consist of a single chord or a sequence of chords played in a repeated rhythm.

Anatomy of the Shoe - Shoe Guide
    Jun 07, 2020 · Vamp Lining: The material used to line and protect the front part of the shoe – also known as the vamp. This may be a different material to the material used to line the counter. Puff: A lightweight reinforcement used inside shoe, placed between the upper and lining materials, which gives the toe its shape and support. Similar in function to ...

What does it mean to be camp? - BBC Culture
    May 03, 2019 · The first English definition of the term, which appeared in a 1909 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, conformed to popular, contemporary notions of camp: “ostentatious, exaggerated ...

Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" Song Lyrics Meaning Explained
    Jan 24, 2020 · Billie actually commented on ~what it all means~ in an interview with Billboard, saying, “It’s a weird thing to hear come out of a girl’s mouth. I think Nicki Minaj said in one of her songs ...

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