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How Much Is My Old Painting Worth? Research, Appraise, and ...
    Sep 21, 2010 · Are antique paintings by an unknown artist valuable? Answer: Paintings by unknown artists often sell at auction. They are unlikely to make vast …Author: Amanda Severn

How to Find the Value of Old Paintings Our Pastimes
    The value of a modern art painting by an unknown artist can be dramatically different than the value of a well-known artist's fine art piece. However, the average person may not know enough to determine which is which or how much a painting is actually worth. Explore the value of your art by focusing on details and doing research.

How to Spot Valuable Paintings: 12 Steps (with Pictures ...
    Jan 26, 2018 · 1. Look for the artist’s original signature. Often, the easiest way to tell if a painting is authentic or not is to look for the artist’s signature on the front or back side. In particular, look for a signature that was hand-written or added to the piece using paint.86%(322)

How Much Is Your Object Worth? - Researching Your Art ...
    Art + Artists. Current Exhibitions; ... the following guidelines should help you find an approximate value for your artwork. First, consult price guides to determine current sale and auction prices. Some price guides are available on the Internet, but most come in books or offline formats. Specialized university or art museum libraries and ...

What's My Art Worth: Price Art - askART
    Look for a legible signature or notation on the artwork, including the back, and also on the bottom if it is a sculpture. If you are unable to determine the artist’s name, you might provide photos (or jpgs) to dealers and auction houses (not museums) carrying similar works.

Free Art Appraisal - Sell Your Art -
    If your art has value value over $5000 I can probably get it sold for you. I have a large group of clients with OVER $10,000,000 to spend on art! Most pieces are sold in 24-48 hours! The appraisal is free regardless of whether you choose to sell your artwork or not. IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST... I cannot help you appraise or sell your artwork.

How to Value Art - Free Painting Valuation & Appraisal Service
    To determine an art valuation for your work of art, in the current art market, demands experience and research. We look at the history of the painting, the artist, subject and current demand, to determine a range of prices and worth if sold to a collector. Our art gallery uses some of the most up to date systems and art market data.

Art Valuation - Art Valuations
    Select our Unknown Artist valuation option, and we'll make every effort to track down the artist and provide an accurate valuation. And remember... we charge low fixed fees for our valuations, not a percentage of the value of your art. Value your art with PictureValuation today! Click a Valuation Button to Get Started

58 Unknown Artists ideas artist, art, painting
    Mar 23, 2014 - "The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery" - Francis Bacon. See more ideas about artist, art, painting.58 pins

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