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Vallejo Acrylic Artist Color is manufactured with the best ...
    Vallejo Acrylic Artist Color is manufactured with the best available pigments for artists in a color range of maximum stability and highest degree of light fastness. The pigments, organic and inorganic – such as cadmium, cobalt, quinacridones and pyrroles – are dispersed in a 100% acrylic polymer emulsion.

Vallejo Acrylic Artist Ink colors are very fluid, matte ...
    Acrylic Artists Ink has been formulated with artist pigments, chosen for their permanence, maximum stability and degree of light fastness, dispersed in an 100% acrylic emulsion with a viscosity of 40-200 cPs. The colors are very fluid, and dry to a matte, permanent finish.

Vallejo : Artist Color Jackson's Art Supplies
    Vallejo : Artist Acrylic Paint Acrylic Artist Color contains one of the widest ranges of pure pigments available for fine arts, in a dispersion of 100% acrylic resin. The colours offer the highest grade of permanence and lightfastness. Following traditional methods, most of the colours in the range have been formulated with only one pigment ...

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