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About the Artist - Valerie Wilson Fibre Artist
    Valerie became the Fibre Art Network (FAN) Membership Co-ordinator in 2004, when she joined this co-operative of professional, Western Canadian fibre artists. And now is a Juried Artist Member of Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA). Valerie was born in …

Valerie Wilson Fibre Artist
    Valerie Wilson Fibre Artist Create a Realistic Fabric Portrait even if you don't know how to draw!

Store - Valerie Wilson Fibre Artist
    Valerie Wilson Fibre Artist Painting with Fabric. Skip to content. Home; Creating a Fabric Portrait; Teaching. Virtual Workshops

In-Person Workshops - Valerie Wilson Fibre Artist
    This is a listing of classes offered by Valerie Wilson, Fibre Artist. These workshops are designed to assist students in learning new skills.

Exhibits - Valerie Wilson Fibre Artist
    The Fibre Art Divas formed as a group in 2014, with the idea of sharing their mutual interest in fibre arts, encouraging and supporting each other, sharing ideas and gaining inspiration. Thirteen of the artists are involved in this exhibit.

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