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VAGA - Wikipedia
    Modeled after ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), VAGA acts as a clearinghouse for licensing reproduction rights to publishers, museums, film production companies, auction houses, galleries, multinational corporations, and other users of art. In addition, VAGA protects its members from infringements, advises on all aspects of intellectual property law, and advocates for artists’ …Founded: 1976

VAGA: Protecting the rights of artists since 1976 :: AEQAI
    Besides protecting copyright, VAGA also provides its members with many services and benefits including art licensing and reproduction rights clearance, collection of royalties, providing legal advice concerning copyright and the legal rights of the artist, lobbying for fair laws and bills that protect the rights of artists and much more. Another aspect of VAGA’s functions is to pursue infringements and …

Copyright Research Guide (Getty Research Institute)
    ARS and VAGA are artists' rights organizations and copyright collectives representing the intellectual property rights (copyright) of visual artists in the United States. Through agreements with affiliated international organizations, they also represent the copyright interests of thousands of foreign artists …

Licensing Requests - Artists Rights Society
    Please use the following form to submit a request for copyright clearance. You may also email us at [email protected] or call us at 212.420.9160. with any general inquiries about our services. To provide the required information needed to process your request, please use the buttons above to access the various types of usage, or simply scroll down through the various sections.

Locating Copyright Holders (Getting Permission: Orphan ...
    VAGA (Visual Artists and Galleries Association) 350 Fifth Avenue Suite 6305 New York, NY 10118 (212) 736-6666 (Tel.) (212) 736-6767 (Fax) [email protected] (e-mail) ARS and VAGA are artists' rights organizations that license reproduction rights to users of visual art on behalf of members.

Copyright Registration for Pictorial, Graphic, and ...
    A work of art that exists in only one copy, such as a painting or a statue, is not regarded as published when the single existing copy is sold or offered for sale in the traditional way, such as through an art dealer, gallery, or auction

When You Need Permission to Sample Others' Music Nolo
    Like all artists, musicians will sometimes borrow material from one another, referencing or using pieces of another's music in their own. The complication, however, is that copyright law gives musicians exclusive rights over their work.. If you use "samples" of other people's music in your own music, you should first obtain written permission, so as to avoid allegations of copyright infringement.

A Beginner's Guide To Copyright Law For Artists
    In 1998, as the end of copyright protection loomed for such works as Mickey Mouse cartoons – Mickey first appearing publicly 70 years earlier, in 1928’s Steamboat Willie – major copyright ...

Get Copyright Permission to Use & Share Content CCC
    May 27, 2020 · At you can search for and obtain permission to use and share content from the world's leading titles in science, technology, medicine, humanities, news, business, finance and more. Start your search Publication Title or ISBN/ISSN: Download

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