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    The artist has to struggle all his life to disentangle his vision from all the things his intellect has put into it, and never quite succeeds at the best. ( John Collier ) Share this quote with a friend · More quotes by John Collier

The Struggle Of An Artist
    Mar 08, 2017 · If you put enough effort into your passion, then you too may be the next Stephen King or Banksy! Now, all you have to do is juggle that schooling or job you have. Maybe a little bit of loneliness too. Ah, the life of an artist! Let me be clear that the last thing I want to do is discourage people from being creative.

James Baldwin on the Artist’s Struggle for Integrity and ...
    Apr 13, 2016 · James Baldwin on the Artist’s Struggle for Integrity and How It Illuminates the Universal Experience of What It Means to Be Human “The poets (by which I mean all artists) are finally the only people who know the truth about us. Soldiers don’t. Statesmen don’t. Priests don’t. Union leaders don’t. Only poets.” By Maria Popova

James Baldwin: The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity Vox ...
    May 22, 2016 · James Baldwin: The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity. I really don’t like words like “artist” or “integrity” or “courage” or “nobility.”. I have a kind of distrust of all those words because I don’t really know what they mean, any more than I really know what such words as “democracy” or “peace” or “peace-loving” or “warlike” or “integration” mean. And yet one is compelled to recognize that all these …

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