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Quinton Hoover Portfolio Profile
    Hello, My name is Quinton Hoover, and I'm a professional fantasy, game and comics illustrator who makes his home in rural Oregon. Best known for my work on Magic: the Gathering, and various other Collectable Card and Role Playing games, I've ... Read More. Shop for Art. Display more art in …

Quinton Hoover Facebook
    About Quinton Freelance fantasy and comics illustrator, poet, proud parent/grandfather, and general layabout based in rural southwestern Oregon. Freelance fantasy and occasional comics Illustrator, half-assed poet, and cut-rate hobby photographer currently parked in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Quinton Hoover - Comic Artist - The Most Popular Comic Art ...
    New Art (View All) Most Popular Most Commented 15 Most Favorited Commission Examples Member Classifieds Art Dealer Listings. +. Batman Returns Catwoman, colored by V. Shane. Art Details. Artist: Quinton Hoover (Penciller) Quinton Hoover (Inker) V. Shane (Colorist) Media Type:

Quinton Hoover Card Game Database Wiki Fandom
    Apr 20, 2013 · Quinton B. Hoover (March 16, 1964 – April 20, 2013) was an American artist best known for his art in the collectible trading card game Magic: The Gathering. Hoover drew over 70 pieces for the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game. Quinton was the artist …

Comic Art Gallery of Quinton Hoover at
    The Original Comic Art displayed in this Free Comic Art Gallery is owned by Quinton Hoover. A Comic Art Collection at

Quinton Hoover Shop Redbubble
    Quinton Hoover is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great products such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and phone cases.

Quinton Hoover Art
    Quinton Hoover fanpage is a homepage where one can find stuff about Quinton Hoover, Dragons, Vampire Art, Magic, XXXenophile, Morgana X, Battlelords, Dragonstorm ...

Unique MTG Collection - Giraffe Links
    Quinton Hoover signed cards : Quinton Hoover signed cards : 6x9 Incoming: 2 Signed Ivory Guargoyle Postcards: Many BB Regeneration printed including Int and Dom. Coll. Ed.. Middle right card is Beta Artist Proof: 2 RV Artist Proof Regenerations, signed cards: English and Italian Ball Lightning, RV Earthbind Artist Proof, Beta, Dom. Coll. Ed ...

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