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Quilt As Art - Artist's Statement
    I am influenced by my need to express my imagination, my heritage, my vision, and influenced also by my need to offer something of myself through community service. For me, the art of quilt making allows me to accomplish all of this.

Artist Statement ~ Pat Ferguson Quilts
    Quilting has become an art form of comfort, pride and self expression for Pat. The walls of her studio are adorned with art quilts created from photographs that she has taken, different thread techniques and exquisite examples of free motion machine quilting,that translate into quilted wall art …

Artist's Atatement - Jean Wells - Quilt Artist, Author ...
    ~ Artist's Statement - Jean Wells Keenan ~ I have been quilting for the last thirty-nine years, writing books, and operating The Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon. During that time I have experimented with many different piecing and quilting techniques and worked in series that became books and lectures sharing my ideas with thousands of people.

Artist Statements The Metaphysical Quilter
    A statement from the artist about a specific work of art. Embrace the term: Art Quilt Many people in the art quilt world question the value of using the term “quilt”.

Artist Statements – tierneycreates
    Aug 25, 2016 · THE STRUGGLE. I always struggle with writing an “Artist Statement”, the written description of my piece, for an art quilt for a show.It feels awkward and uncomfortable. Even more daunting – someday I need to write an overall Artist Statement – a written description of my body of work.Once I participated in an exercise at our Central Oregon Studio Art Quilt Associates where we …

Daphne Taylor Quilts New York, NY » Artist Statement
    Artist Statement. In my Quilt Drawing series I honor my love of drawing and painting. Lines reminiscent of landscape and figure are embroidered, pieced and composed within frameworks ranging from open white spaces to complex color fields. The rich visual language of these lines and markings is influenced and restrained by the power of simplicity. Hand quilting is of great importance in my work because it is equivalent to the act of drawing.

Artist Statement — Threadneedle Quilting Studio
    Artist Statement — Threadneedle Quilting Studio. I've been sewing since I was 8 and quilting since 1988. I have made many quilts, both bed-size and wall quilts. I love the quilting process. Some of my art quilts are in corporate and private collections in the USA and Scotland. I have been showing my quilts nationally since 1990. No matter what type of service you request I will give your quilts the …

Artist Statement - Art Quilts by Dianne Browning
    Dianne Browning Fabric Quilt Artist. Artist Statement. Designing and creating textile art with a study of line, balance and symmetry is always a challenge, but I find working with color values the most challenging. I love fabrics and the entire creative process. Curved piecing is my favorite style, whether it is done with a custom designed pattern, or sewn by improvisation.

SAQA - Studio Art Quilt Associates
    SAQA is dedicated to promoting the art quilt and the artists who create them. Whether you're an artist, a collector, or enthusiast, we can offer you inspiration and resources to support your passion for art quilts. Join our dynamic creative community and help make the art quilt universally recognized as a fine art …

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