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QUIK NYC Artworks - Lin Felton, Graffiti Artist New York ...
    Quik NYC Graffiti. There are a few “old school” living legends still alive from the graffiti art movement. Out of these one of the most consistent is this man Lin Felton, aka QUIK, aka QK, aka KWIK. Since the early 1970s he’s been an active painter on the trains and since the 80s he has been painting canvases and exhibiting around the world. When collectors speak of collecting artists like Rammellzee and Dondi White I tend to remind them that there are living artists …

QUIK Widewalls - Art
    Lin Felton aka QUIK is an American painter and graffiti artist known for his comical and satirical style that introduces both social and personal topics. QUIK / Lin Felton United States of America 1958

Canvas - QUIK NYC Artworks - Lin Felton, Graffiti Artist ...
    Artist Lin Felton a.k.a. the graffiti Legend QUIK from New York. You can look and buy his latest artworks online. Graffiti on Canvas, Maps and other objects.

About Quik NYC Artworks - Artist Lin Felton - Hollis ...
    Quik. Lin Felton was born in 1958 in Queens; he lives and works in New York. He started tagging the walls of Queens at the age of 10 (taking the name Star10). His fascination for this world started when he saw the metro trains in movement covered in tags. He then changed his name to ? Quik? and signs wherever he can.

Quik - Biography
    Lin Felton aka "Quik" started tagging in 1970 in Hollis (Queens, NY), where he grew up. At that time he was part of the collective RTW - Rolling Thunder Write with another between Min and Sach. It is one of the few New York graffiti artists of the 80s that between gallery, his work being developed beyond the tag.

Quik - Street-art and Graffiti FatCap
    Meet Quik, a graffiti and street-art artist from New York City (US). Here you'll find pictures, videos, articles and more..

Quik (Graffiti artist) - Social Networks and Archival Context
    Quik (Linwood Felton) is a graffiti artist. From the description of Quik's 1984 blackbook, 1984-1985. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 778618730

Quik NYC
    Nov 05, 2013 · Lin ’QUIK’ Felton is a painter of African American descent born in Queens, NY 1958. QUIK as a subway graffiti painter was recognized for his satirical and arrogant comic imagery, as well as the ability to post his tag and masterpieces upon each subway line numbering in the thousands. After studying 3 years at PRATT Institute and PARSONS School of Design, QUIK was recognized by Yaki Kornblit, a renowned Amsterdam art …

QUIK Classics - Home Facebook
    QUIK Classics. 141 likes. QUIK or QK for short is a legend in the world of Graffiti and Art. Known Worldwide for his innovation and creativity.

The Most Infamous Graffiti Artists Of 1970s New York City
    The Most Infamous Graffiti Artists Of 1970s New York City In the crime-ridden New York of the ’70s, trains were wild canvases. Here, the work of 12 graffiti kings and their stories.

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