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A-Z List Of Rock Bands, Groups and Music Artists
    Rockarchive's list A-Z of rock bands & music artists ranging from indie rock bands, classic rock bands, punk rock bands, through to jazz & blues.

Recording Loud Bands In The Studio - Sound on Sound
    Recording a rock band playing 'live' in the studio presents a unique set of challenges, but it is still possible to achieve a good result. Most recording techniques are easy enough to put into practice when you're only faced with the task of working with one instrument or voice at a time, but life gets more complicated when you come to record a rock band playing 'live' in the studio.

Top 100 Rock Bands - IMDb
    Jefferson Airplane, a rock band based in San Francisco, California, was one of the pioneering bands of psychedelic rock. Formed in 1965, the group defined the San Francisco Sound and was the first from the Bay Area to achieve international commercial success. They were headliners at the three most ...

List of best-selling music artists - Wikipedia
    The following is an independently verified list of best-selling music artists (those with claims of 75 million or more record sales) from the second half of the 20th century to the present.Only artists whose claimed sales figures can be cross-referenced with music recording certification systems (the first of which appeared in the late 1950s) are included.

10 of the Most Famous Recording Studios in History - WikiAudio
    Originally opened over 50 years ago to record music for many of the famous Disney movies such as Mary Poppins, it went on to record some of the most iconic rock n’ roll albums of our day. Classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and the Rolling Stones have rotated through the doors, as well as more modern artists such as M83, Jason ...

Top Rock Artists - Year-End Billboard
    See Billboard's rankings of this year's most popular songs, albums, and artists.

K-Quick Recording Artist Maryland
    NEW K-Quick Album Dropping 4.4.2020!!! The brand new sophomore album by K-Quick entitled "Asylum" will be dropping April 4, 2020!!! An album full of the most raw yet soulful music you can receive from an artist. April 4th, get ready to be admitted to the Asylum!!!

Artist Search - Event Resources Presents
    Artist date availability and pricing are subject to change based on your specific market and/or event type. Listed artist fees may or may not include travel, lodging, sound/lights, backline band gear needs, etc. This is NOT an all-inclusive artist availability list.

10 Richest Rock Bands, Ranked TheRichest
    Aug 16, 2019 · Formed in 1971, the name Eagles immediately brings to mind the song "Hotel California" that was first released in 1976. They were one of the most popular bands in the 70s and even now continue to make millions off their record sales, with over 149.6 units sold. The band disbanded in 1980, but reunited again in 1994.

List of alternative rock artists - Wikipedia
    This is a list of alternative rock artists. Bands are listed alphabetically by the first letter in their name (not including "The"), and individuals are listed by the first name. Bands are listed alphabetically by the first letter in their name (not including "The"), and individuals are listed by the first name.

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