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Quick Change - Wikipedia
    Quick Change is a 1990 American crime comedy film. It was written by Howard Franklin, produced by its star, Bill Murray, and co-directed by both. Geena Davis, Randy Quaid, Jason Robards, Tony Shalhoub, Stanley Tucci, Phil Hartman, Victor Argo, Kurtwood Smith, Bob Elliott and Philip Bosco all co-star. It is based on a book of the same name by Jay Cronley, which had previously been adapted into the 1985 …Music by: Randy Edelman

Arturo Brachetti - Wikipedia
    Arturo Brachetti (Italian pronunciation: [arˈtuːro braˈketti]; born 13 October 1957) is an Italian quick-change artist considered the best quick change performer in the world. In the Guinness Book of Records he is described as the quickest and most prolific quick change artist …Born: 13 October 1957 (age 63), Torino, Italy

Quick change (disambiguation) - Wikipedia
    Quick change, quick-change or Quick Change may refer to . Quick Change, 1990 American comedy film; Quick Change, 2013 Philippine drama film; Quick-change (music), a variation of the twelve-bar blues Quick-change (performance), a performance trick where a one will quickly change attire

quick-change artist - Wiktionary
    quick-change artist (plural quick-change artists) An entertainer whose performances involve rapid changes of costume. 1917, H. Rider Haggard, Finished, Ch. 17: Only then Nombe must be something of a quick-change artist since but a little while before she …

Quick Change Artists Secrets
    The Italian actor and mime Leopold Fragile (1867-1936) the greatest quick-change artist of his day was used quick-changes on stage and in front of the camera from 1895 to 1922. There still exist several minutes of these films. He was the first artist to transform this surprising skill into a full evening show.

America's Got Talent -- Quick Change Artists - YouTube
    Apr 18, 2009 · Check out these amazing quick change artists on the hit show America's Got Talent. INCREDIBLE HOW THEY DO IT!!Author: tayhollywoodvideos

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