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Artist Statement Guidelines — Getting Your Sh*t Together
    Writing an artist’s statement can be a good way to clarify your own ideas about your work. A gallery dealer, curator, docent, or the public can have access to your description of your work, in your own words. This can be good for a reviewer as well.

Use This Flowchart to Help Your Students Write Authentic ...
    Sep 25, 2015 · As students write, consider posting art vocabulary words for them to incorporate into their statements. If the process of writing an artist statement seems too overwhelming for your students, consider splitting the questions up. Asking students to answer separate questions on separate occasions might be the key to developing reflective artist ...

How to Write a Successful Personal Statement for Art ...
    Here are a few art school essay writing tips you may wish to adopt to ensure that you put your best foot forward. Personal Essay Do’s. Answer all the parts of the question. A common mistake that students make when writing a personal statement is to simply list all the positive things about themselves.

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