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12 queer artists whose work is making us pay attention
    Dec 13, 2019 · Chin, a queer Asian American creator based in Brooklyn, is one of a dozen LGBTQ artists to catch our eye and land on this list, which spans backgrounds, disciplines, ethnicities, sexualities and ...

8 LGBTQI+ Artists You Should Know — Google Arts & Culture
    Mickalene Thomas is a contemporary African-American artist best known for her complex paintings that draw from Western art history, pop art and visual culture to examine ideas of femininity, beauty, race, sexuality and gender, especially issues around African-American gay …

11 Amazing Young Queer Artists You Should Know
    Nov 04, 2013 · He recently curated queer performance for the LGBT Center at the Ideas City festival, including artists such as Buzz Slutzky, Ann Liv Young, Becca Blackwell, and Dandy Darkly.Author: Diane Anderson-Minshall

15 Young LGBTQ Artists Driving Contemporary Art …
    Jun 07, 2019 · In response to these closures and the heightened atmosphere of fear and mourning in the community, we dedicated nine months to traveling the U.K., forcing ourselves into male-dominant or male-only spaces, filming gay bars, and creating an archive that would function both as an art work, a public resource, and a call to arms.

Famous LGBT Artists The Art Story
    The artists above are the individuals in the LGBT Artists category that The Art Story has had a chance to research and write up so far. Please let us know who is missing by Contacting Us.Or to look at other artists, please narrow your search via the options in the "Select Further Criteria" button at …

Queer Performance Art: Using the Body to Talk About ...
    Feb 12, 2018 · Queer Touring Bands Find Their Own Spaces in Athens, Ohio Identity Of Burned Body Released Queer Fashion ‘Temporal and Corporeal: a Broad Scope of Performance Art’ Jan. 23 – March 3

Queer Art Movement Overview TheArtStory
    Summary of Queer Art. Any art that can be considered "queer" refers to the re-appropriation of the term in the 1980s, when it was snatched back from the homophobes and oppressors to become a powerful political and celebratory term to describe the experience of gay…

What Is Queer Performance? - Posture Media
    Jun 23, 2014 · I am also lots of other things like cis-gendered male, hairy, Australian, Tasmanian, of English Irish and Middle Eastern Ancestry… 35, dancer, performer, maker, semi-vegerarian, youngest of 3 brothers, a constant traveler, exploring the worlds of artist/gay/queer/radical faerie/body-based touch and energetic practices….

14 Of The Most Extreme Performance Art Pieces
    Oct 07, 2016 · Marina Abramović is one of the most well known performance artists, and her work has dealt with issues of femininity, relationships, and her Serbian upbringing. In Rhythm 0, Abromović exposed humanity’s darker side by sitting passively at the mercy of others for six hours. Abromović arranged a variety of objects in front of her — a rose, a feather, a knife, a gun, and more.

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