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Queenie McKenzie Paintings & Artist Profile - Japingka Gallery
    Queenie McKenzie (1915- 1998) was the first woman artist to become famous amongst the high profile male artists from the East Kimberley. Queenie McKenzie was a long-term friend of Rover Thomas, whose work epitomised the style of ochre painting from the Warmun region.Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

Queenie McKenzie :: The Collection :: Art Gallery NSW
    One of the most prominent painters of the Warmun (Turkey Creek) community, Queenie McKenzie was born at Texas Downs Station. The daughter of an Aboriginal woman and a gardiya (white-fella) father, in her youth McKenzie was at the centre of a series of tense encounters between her mother and local government authorities.

Queenie McKenzie Queenie Nakarra McKenzie sell Queenie ...
    Queenie McKenzie Queenie McKenzie was the first recognized female artist that painted in east Kimberley style. Their soft pinks and subtle purples often distinguish her works. Queenie did not start painting until late in her life but inspired a generation of younger female artistsEstimated Reading Time: 4 mins

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