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Queen Artistfacts - Songfacts
    Queen Artistfacts Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar, went to boarding school in India, and came to England with his parents in 1964. His birth name is Farookh Bulsara. Due to racial abuse he had suffered in his early teens, he legally changed his name to Freddy Mercury in 1972.

List of songs by Queen - Songfacts
    Queen. 1971-1991. Freddie Mercury Vocals. Brian May Guitar. John Deacon Bass. Roger Taylor Drums. artistfacts. timeline. Queen Song list '39 (1975) A Kind Of Magic (1985) A Winter's Tale (1995) All God's People (1991) Another One Bites The Dust (1980) Bicycle Race …

The Hitman by Queen - Songfacts
    Bassist John Deacon reconstructed the track and that's what finally came out. >>. Suggestion credit: Sebas - Tokyo, Japan, for above 2. More songs from Queen. More songs with occupations in the title. More songs from 1991. Lyrics to The Hitman. Queen Artistfacts.

Bijou by Queen - Songfacts
    Songfacts®: This song was the result of a one-hour session between pianist Freddie Mercury and guitarist Brian May. Mercury wrote most of the song, being responsible for the title, the lyrics and the orchestral parts (done on keyboards). The guitar lines were written by both of …

I Want to Break Free by Queen - Songfacts
    Songfacts®: Queen bass player John Deacon wrote this from the male perspective of the women's liberation movement. This song became an anthem for the ANC in South Africa in the late '80s when Nelson Mandela was still in jail and the white government's apartheid policies were still in place.

White Man by Queen - Songfacts
    Songfacts®: This song was written by Queen guitarist Brain May. The lyrics are about the wars between colonists and Native Americans. >> In a 1976 interview on Capital Radio, Freddie Mercury was asked how he managed to get such a loud noise on one record.

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