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Quartz Composer
    Ali Demirel, visualist for Richie Hawtin, includes Quartz Composer in his arsenal of interactive and realtime media tools, and has been using a couple of Kineme tools to control and interact with his visuals. He used Particle Tools to get some interesting effects in the visuals displayed behind the musicians during their set. He modified the “Fire” sample to fit with the other visuals and the music.

Tips & Trick: How to Install Quartz Composer Art and ...
    Installing Quartz Composer is a bit of an adventure. It’s hidden in Apple’s Mac Dev Center. Below are instructions on how to download and install it. The file you need to download is different depending on what operating system you have. FIRST STEP – LOG IN TO APPLE DEVELOPER CENTER AND FIND THE DOWNLOAD SECTION. Go to https://developer ...

Quarz Composer CreativeApplications.Net
    Quarz Composer Quartz Composer is a graphics development environment that allows you to explore the incredible power of the graphics stack of Mac OS X Tiger. With Quartz Composer, you can easily combine the capabilities of Cocoa, Quartz 2D, Core Image, OpenGL, and QuickTime, all using an approachable visual programming paradigm.

TOBYSTEREO I'm a digital artist working at the ...
    Create a simple kaleidoscope effect in Quartz Composer. If you don’t have Quartz Composer, this tutorial can help you get set up. Open Quartz Composer and create a Basic Composition Drag an image or video file into the composition Drag in a Billboard patch from the Patch Library. In the Patch Inspector adjust the Width value to 2 (making it ...

Synthe FX - Pixelnode - DMX input for Quartz Composer + iTunes
    What's Quartz Composer? Quartz Composer is an application for Mac OS X that provides a visual programming environment geared towards live-performance and installations. It's very deep software which is limited only by an artist's imagination.

Quartz Composer Latest Version - download for Mac
    Quartz Composer Player 1.1 Free. QuartzComposerPlayer is a simple full-screen composition player that uses the QCRenderer API. This program adds "Quartz Composer"... 2. 64.

Looking for an alternative to Quartz Composer? Vuo
    Vuo is built by the same team of avid Quartz Composer users that developed Kineme plugins. If you use Kineme plug-ins, then you know we've spent years expanding what you can do with Quartz Composer. ... — George Toledo, audiovisual artist "I just moved over from Quartz Composer and loving VUO, fascinating little program. Well done!" — Mario ...

George Young Credits AllMusic
    Find George Young credit information on AllMusic

Quartz Composer Alternatives for Windows AlternativeTo
    Aug 29, 2018 · Quartz Composer Alternatives for Windows. Quartz Composer is not available for Windows but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on Windows with similar functionality. The most popular Windows alternative is Processing, which is both free and Open Source. If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 10 alternatives to Quartz ...

    Four separate machines running VDMX were used to live trigger video files over MIDI and OSC with real-time FX and projection mapping via Quartz Composer. …

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