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Piano Benches Quality Piano Benches
    Whatever features you need from a piano or keyboard bench, Jansen’s inventory has something that will work for you. Double-wide artist benches. Though they’re perfectly fine for solo performers, duet benches are built to seat two players at once. That makes them solid choices for piano teachers who sit next to their students, or any two players at the same piano. Adjustable artist benches. For more advanced pianists, adjustable piano …

Jansen Artist Bench – Jansen Piano Benches
    Our Jansen Artist Bench is the highest quality adjustable piano bench manufactured in the United States, and is designed for stage and teaching studio durability. The Jansen artist bench is constructed of American hardwood maple legs and frame, and the …

Benches Paul L. Jansen & Son
    Used by the world’s finest pianists. We are known as the premier builder of quality piano benches. Many of the world’s top piano manufacturers, concert pianists and entertainers insist on using our piano benches, particularly our legendary adjustable Jansen® Artist Bench. The Jansen® Artist Bench has been continually refined and improved over the past 50 years in our tradition of craftsmanship.

Jansen Adjustable Artist Piano Bench - Steinway Bench
    SKU #:BN-1018 If you're looking for the finest Artist Piano Bench made - This is It! Made in the USA, Paul Jansen products have been manufactured with great care for over 60 years. 'Benchmakers' to Steinway, Baldwin & Kawai, their exceptional quality begins with a selection of superior materials.

Artist Piano Benches – Frederick Music USA
    Frederick Artist Tufted Upright Piano Bench. American designed bench features 100% hardwood construction and supple tufted vinyl with a heavy duty adjustment mechanism. The legs are drilled and milled which gives the bench a 100% sturdy design. Tufted Top with Music Storage.

Piano Benches, Piano Chairs, Piano Stools, Piano Pedal ... is many musicians and teachers' #1 Choice of Top Quality Piano Benches, Piano Chairs, Piano Stools, Piano Pedal Extenders, Piano Lamps, Music Stands, Metronomes, Violins & Accessories at Affordable Prices! Jansen Adjustable. Artist Piano Bench.

Grand Piano Bench
    This wood is far superior to that used by the Chinese. The easiest way to tell this is by comparing the weight of similar style piano benches. Take for instance the Jansen Artist Bench vs. the OSP imported artist bench (which is the highest quality Asian imported artist bench available). The Jansen artist bench weighs 45 pounds, whereas the OSP artist bench weighs 22 pounds.

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