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Tax Deductions for Performance Artists
    Feb 21, 2021 · Ask a Tax Pro for details and refund options with no additional cost. Assisted Refund $49.95. Offices offering the Refund Advance product in Illinois, the AR Fee is $0.00 until 2/24/20, after this date it will be $49.95. For Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro From Home customers in Illinois the AR fee will be $49.95 regardless of time of filing.

IRS Form 2106: What Is It? - The Balance
    Nov 30, 2020 · Performing artists qualify if they provide services in the arts for two or more employers and receive at least $200 in wages from those jobs. Your job-related expenses must be more than 10% of the income you earned from these jobs, and your AGI must $16,000 or less—without regard to this deduction—as of the 2019 tax year, the return you'll ...

Instructions for Form 2106 (2020) Internal Revenue Service
    If you meet all the requirements for a qualified performing artist, include the part of the line 10 amount attributable to performing-arts-related expenses in the total on Schedule 1 (Form 1040), line 11, and attach Form 2106 to your return. Your performing-arts-related business expenses are deductible whether or not you itemize deductions.

What qualifies as a performing artist? - TurboTax
    Jun 08, 2019 · - Performed services in the performing arts as an employee for at least two employers during the tax year. - Received at least $200 in wages from each of the two employers. - Had allowable business expenses of more than 10% of gross income from the performing arts - Had an adjusted gross income of $16,000 or less before deducting these expenses.

Taxes for the Performing Artist FAQs
    The Qualified Performing Artist statute allows performers to deduct their show biz expenses if their total in-come is below $16,000. For those of us whose incomes are higher (and that’s most of us), and are employees (and that’s most of us, too), we can only deduct our business expenses on our state returns if our home state allows it.

Tax Deductions for Artists Nolo
    Such deductions are quite valuable--for example, if you're in the 22% tax bracket, each $100 in deductions saves you $22 in income tax. It will also usually save you about $15 in self-employment taxes as well. Professional artists are usually independent contractors, not employees. A self-employed artist may deduct any expense that is:

What Is a Qualified Performing Artist?
    Jun 28, 2019 · In the rules of the Internal Revenue Service, there is a special category called the "qualified performing artist," which used to be of significant value …

Publication 529 (12/2020), Miscellaneous Deductions ...
    Armed forces reservists' travel expenses, Armed Forces reservists traveling more than 100 miles from home. Performing artists, Qualified performing artist. State or local government officials paid on fee basis, Fee-basis state or local government official. Unlawful discrimination claims, Unlawful Discrimination Claims Administrative fees

Actors, Directors, & Performers
    PLEASE NOTE: the 2017 TCJA tax bill now disallows all employee business expenses on Form 2106 except for the rare performers that qualify under the QPA (Qualified Performing Artist). Starting in 2018 performers that receive most of their income via W2 (such as member of Actors Equity) will want to consider setting up a "loan out" corporation as ...

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