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Past Quaker Artists and Writers : Fellowship of Quakers in ...
    Oct 20, 2011 · Some Quaker Writers and Artists of the Past A Brief List. Literature Fine Arts Music Practical Arts. LITERATURE . Barton, Bernard (1784-1839). British poet Brooks, Helen Morgan (1904-1989). American poet Brown, Charles Brockden (1771-1810). American novelist Ellin, Stanley (1916-1986). American novelist Ellwood, Thomas (1639-1713 ...

Quaker Artists : Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts
    Quaker Artists is an entertaining and celebratory read in itself but it has other uses, too: as a source for study groups, a reference for libraries and a curriculum for First Day Schools. Gary Sandman, a member of Fifteenth Street Meeting in New York City, has published Quaker Artists, his first book, in a numbered and signed edition.

Quaker Arts Network
    Welcome to Quaker Arts Network. We aim to encourage the use of the arts for Quaker spiritual nurture, witness and outreach. Please use our events page to publicise any Quaker arts events that you know of, and consider joining the network to receive our periodic e-newsletters.

Quaker artists, designers and architects Jenny's Famous ...
    A Quaker blog page on Friends House and Hubert Lidbetter. H ilary Steel (born 1964) is an artist specialising in architectural illustrations of landmark buildings in Britain and other famous cites. Her style is very detailed and faithful to the original, showing great skill in draughtsmanship. Hilary trained as an architect and was born a Quaker.

Home - Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts
    The Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts has as its purpose “to nurture and showcase the literary, visual, musical, and performing arts within the Religious Society of Friends, for purposes of Quaker expression, ministry, witness, and outreach. ... The work of numerous Quaker artists was presented as a part of the 2020 virtual FGC Art Center as ...

26 Celebrities Who Are Quakers - Ranker
    Nov 03, 2020 · Several famous actors, musicians, and politicians are Quakers. Some of these celebs are only Quakers through ancestry, while others still practice the faith today. Who is the most famous person who is a Quaker? Zooey Deschanel tops this list.

Resources – Quaker Arts Network
    Quakers and the Arts Frederick J Nicholson, 18968 Quaker Home Service Committee A classic wide-ranging survey of the attitudes of British Quakers to the arts from George Fox’s day to the 1960s.

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