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Quad Roller Skates
    JACKSON MYSTIQUE VIPER ALLOY Roller Skate JR1610. Jackson Mystique Viper Alloy Roller Skates Jackson Mystique Viper Alloy Roller Skates. Perfect choice for the Advanced Beginner to Intermediate freestyle artistic skater with the more rigid Viper Alloy Plate.

Roller Skates - Buy quad skates & retro roller skates here
    Quad roller skates were the first skates on the market and they were very popular before the breakthrough of inline skates. Then came a period where inline skates dominated the market. But in recent years, quad skates have gained increased popularity, likely because of their vintage design.

Quad Roller Skates - Customizable - Connie's Skate Place
    Skates ship free! Quad roller skates in a variety of styles. You're sure to find the color combination that fits your personality. Quality skates = better performance. ... Artistic Wheels (95A) Sizes 8J - 13. Our Price: $134.95 . Dart Speed Skates Synthetic Boots Nylon Plates Speed Wheels (93A) Sizes 1 - 14.

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