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QRST — The Street Museum of Art
    QRST is a painter and street artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His recent works have been dealing with the ideas of loss, instability and the burdens that accompany them.

QRST On The Streets: Flotsam, Jetsam, And The Goat Man ...
    Street Artist QRST is back on Brooklyn streets with more modernly magnetic and captivatingly surreal work than before, and just as mired in the muck of human dynamics as ever.

QRST Studio Visit and Interview Brooklyn Street Art
    Feb 23, 2012 · The Brooklyn Artist Talks about Painting, Street Art, and Choking Chickens. You’ve seen his cats and dogs and birds and rats and people in wheat-pasted drawings and paintings on the street in Brooklyn the last couple of years, their big dark eyes staring plaintively at you, usually with some critters holding a banner overhead displaying his tag, QRST.

QRST and His “Patron” Brooklyn Street Art
    Apr 13, 2011 · Street Artist QRST recently completed and installed this piece in New Orleans and it’s topic and symbolism could not possibly be more personally meaningful. QRST “Patron” Detail (photo © QRST) His largest piece to date,”Patron” is a tribute to QRST’s father, a biology professor who studied the behavior of bees and wasps and whom he lost to cancer when the artist was a teenager.

Street Artist QRST Goes to New Orleans to Give BP and us a ...
    Mar 08, 2011 · Street Artist QRST Goes to New Orleans to Give BP and us a “Thwack” March 8, 2011 Artists , On the Street With people actually advocating off-shore drilling as an option to pull down recently inflated gas prices at the pump, this timely reminder from Street Artist QRST talks about April showers nobody looks forward to.

QRST’s is Boston’s Premiere Apparel Printer
    QRST's is the best T Shirt Printer, Cambridge, Somerville, Newton, Boston. Specializing in Screenprinting, Embroidery, and Digital Printing.

10 Street Artists You Should Know that Crush the Urban ...
    May 17, 2017 · French street artist Christian Guemy aka C215 travels around the world beautifying the streets. He usually paints local faces because, in his words, “faces reflect the personality” of a city. Another continuing theme through his stencil art are portraits of his daughter Nina, who we've seen evolve from a little girl to a young woman.

List of street artists - Wikipedia
    3Steps (founded 1998) – a contemporary street artist collective between the twins Kai Harald Krieger (born March 15, 1980) and Uwe Harald Krieger (born March 15, 1980) and Joachim Pitt (born December 8, 1980); DAIM (born 1971 in Lüneburg as Mirko Reisser) – graffiti; Darco see: France; Dres Aeg see: “Germany” . DOME (real name: Christian Krämer) – street art, murals, urban art

The 11 Most Influential Street Artists in the World ...
    Oct 07, 2015 · Street art includes graffiti, stencils, tile-mosaics and more, and the following artist comes from all different places attempting to impact the world through their art. 11 Stinkfish. Via Stinkfish is an essential member of the Colombian street art scene. Born and raised in Bogota Colombia, Stinkfish is a jack-of-all-trades when ...

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