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[new feature] QR Codes for Artists That Auto-Load Your Website
    Quick Response (QR) codes are a square barcode readable by mobile apps. A QR code can be used for all sorts of purposes, but the most common in marketing is to simply pull up a URL. The user opens their QR-scanning app, points their camera at the QR code…

The Ultimate Guide to Using QR Codes in the Art Room - The ...
    Apr 02, 2014 · Create a series of QR codes that take students to information about various artists around the web (Alternately, create your own text to link to). Print the QR codes and hide them throughout the art room. Then, have students use their own …

QR codes for Artists – A Mobile Marketing Opportunity ...
    It is now a worldwide standard and its uses have grown from its manufacturing and inventory control roots to a potentially useful marketing tool. It is worth a look to see if QR codes have a place in marketing your art. A QR code can: Can store up to approximately 4300 alphanumeric characters depending on the size and number of squares in the matrix

Introducing QR Codes For Artists Specials
    These unique codes offer a brand new way for artists to sell & promote their music in just 3 easy steps: Scan, Pay and Download Next time if you are playing a gig, and your fans want to buy your music, they just need to scan the QR code ( put on any marketing collateral ) & they can download the music directly from our platform.

QR Codes for Bands & Performing Artists Qfuse
    Use QR Codes & Mobile Websites to Promote Your Band. Qfuse PERFORMER TM gives bands and other performing artists a new way to engage with fans wherever they are, 24/7. Easily create a mobile website to promote your next gig, share videos, photos, social media, and more.

QR Code Art
    QR Code Art - and Stylised QR Codes. Most QR Codes are pretty dull to look at, after all a black and white grid is not being very pleasing to the eye, well they don't have to be that way. A lot of companies and artists are making a real effort to make their QR Codes more …

40 Gorgeous QR Code Artworks That Rock - Hongkiat
    Updated on February 19, 2019. The QR Code (Quick Response Code) is as new kind of the barcode that carries information that can be scanned by a QR code reader. It also comes with a deadly boring design. But thanks to reader integration designers are now able to transform its meaningless look into visually appealing designs like the one you see here!

How to use QR codes in Museums and art exhibitions? - Free ...
    How to use QR codes in Museums and art exhibitions? QR codes in museums are a great way to impress visitors, guests and even tourists. Museums are a place where people come to visit to improve and enhance their learning and get amused with amazing historical facts. For this, visitors can use various forms of mediums to learn.

The Art of the QR Code The Mediated Image
    Sep 16, 2016 · This post is devoted to exploring a digital phenomenon that seems to have largely eluded audiences in Europe and America despite its pervasive presence within the art world in China: the QR (Quick Response) code 二维码.

50 Creative Uses of QR Codes in Marketing & Communications
    Here are 50 to get your creative juices flowing. QR Codes on bus stops, train stations and subway stations: A quick scan gives commuters realtime information on when the next bus, train or subway will arrive. Posted next to paintings and sculptures at museums.

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