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The Best Modern Female Blues Musicians Joe Bonamassa
    The Top Women In Blues Ana Popovic. A Serbian-born, music loving, super blues shredder who gives most current blues guitarists a run for their... Samantha Fish. Ever since a record label caught wind of her first album in 2009, Samantha Fish has been …

Top female blues artists artists
    Deborah Coleman (October 3, 1956 - April 12, 2018) was an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. She won the Orville Gibson Award for… Michelle Malone

Great Modern Female Rock and Blues Artists - ROCK AND ...
    Nov 08, 2019 · For #Women’sWednesday I put together a playlist of 11 great modern female rock and blues artists with new songs for you to enjoy. Most of these tunes are from the artists’ new albums and are some of my favorite songs. These female artists are extraordinary musicians and songwriters.

Top female blues artists
    Mia Vermillion’s presence on the blues scene has the admired attention of both fans and critics alike. Based out of the Pacific Northwest, a… Christina Skjolberg

Contemporary Women of Blues – FEMALE BLUES ARTISTS ...
    Rebecca and Megan established a YouTube presence and accumulated a large following. Being contemporary women they prefer not to be labeled or feel restricted to one genre. Megan’s mesmerizing muse guided lap steel playing and the girl’s bluesy voices make it difficult to not categorize them as quintessential blues artists.

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