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Hyacinthe Rigaud - 20 artworks - painting
    Hyacinthe Rigaud (French pronunciation: [ʁigo]; 18 July 1659 – 29 December 1743) was a French baroque painter most famous for his portraits of Louis XIV and other members of the French nobility.Birth place: Perpignan, France

Hyacinthe Rigaud artnet
    Hyancinthe Rigaud was a French painter best known for his Baroque paintings, especially his full-length portrait of Louis XIV wearing his coronation robes. Born Jacint Rigau-Ros i Serra on July 18, 1659 in Perpignan, France, he went on to study in Montpelier where he was able to see the works of Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt, and Titian in person.Nationality: French

Rigaud, Hyacinthe, 1659–1743 Art UK
    Hyacinthe Rigaud Louis (1682–1712), Duc de Bourgogne 1702–1703 Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659–1743) and Joseph Parrocel (1646–1704)

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