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Greatest Sci-Fi Artists of All Time - Futurism
    Greatest Sci-Fi Artists of All Time. H.R. Giger. It's hard to imagine that anyone on this list could be more recognizable than H.R. Giger. Giger is, without question, one of the greatest ... Chris Foss. Chris Moore. Vincent Di Fate. Rafał Olbiński.

Sci-Fi Artists and illustrators list, freelance artists ...
    Tim White (1952- ) decided to be an artist before the age of five, and is now one of the most influential SF illustrators in Britain. Since 1974 he has illustrated the covers of hundreds of books on themes of science fiction and fantasy by many well known authors. He also produced artwork for computer games, record album covers, magazines, postcards, trading cards, and even jigsaw puzzles.

Ten artists that changed the face of fantasy forever Dazed
    Here's her list of the sci-fi visionaries and mind-boggling illustrators, plucked straight from the covers of pulp books and prog record sleeves. From Paul Lehr’s sci-fi futurism to Raffaello Ossola’s notion of dystopian space to Tim White’s robotic surveillance to the influence of colorful conceptual artist Hiro Isono on Japanese role-playing games, let your mind cast itself adrift momentarily from the mundane …

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