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7 Famous Painting Techniques You'll Want to Try Artists ...
    Dec 21, 2016 · The sfumato is Mark’s favorite secret technique of Leonardo da Vinci. “Sfumato in Italian means ‘smoky,’ and this is the quality you can see in many of his paintings — especially in the Mona Lisa,” he explains.

New to Art? Here are 10 Basic Drawing Techniques You Need ...
    Apr 12, 2018 · Drawing is an easy way to exercise your creativity. Whether you’re using a pencil, pen, crayon, or even your fingers, the skills you gain from the activity translate to a bevy of different media. Here are the basic drawing techniques that you need to know.

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Drawing Lessons from the Famous Artists School: Classic ...
    Jun 01, 2017 · Learn to draw from the work of amazing artists such as Albert Dorne and Norman Rockwell, the founding artists of the Famous Artists School. The artwork presented in Drawing Lessons from the Famous Artists Schoolis gleaned from the amazing collection of more than 5,000 artworks and hundreds of thousands of other documents found in the Norman Rockwell Museum.4.6/5(45)

Famous Artists Who Used Their Work As Therapy – Art ...
    Here are just a few famous artists who used their art to work through their pain, and the ways in which it helped them. Jean-Michel Basquiat Despite dropping out of school in the tenth grade and not receiving any formal artistic training, Jean-Michel Basquiat went from an obscure graffiti artist to an acclaimed artist.

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