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Ruh Al-Alam - Artist, Designer & Arabic Calligrapher
    Ruh is a multi-award winning British artist, Arabic calligrapher and designer born in London. From a fine art background, Ruh studied at Central St. Martins College of Art & Design. He is trained in traditional Arabic calligraphy from master calligraphers in …

Contemporary Arabic Art Figures You Need to Know Widewalls
    May 28, 2016 · One of the most prominent artists from Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Mater uses a variety of different media in his art - photography, calligraphy, painting, installation, performance and video.

(DOC) Ibn al-Bawwab: A beautiful and famous calligrapher ...
    Ibn al-Bawwab: A beautiful and famous calligrapher in Arabic Calligraphy -Md. Monirul Islam [Ali ibn Hilal called al Bawwab is perhaps the most famous of all Arabic calligraphers and credited with originating the naskh script-style.

Arabic Calligraphy Paintings Fine Art America
    Choose your favorite arabic calligraphy paintings from millions of available designs. All arabic calligraphy paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Me — Josh Berer - Arabic Calligraphy Design
    The switch from graffiti styles to Arabic calligraphy is not as dramatic as one might think. The hand motions that a graffiti artist practices thousands upon thousands of times are not that dissimilar to those a student of calligraphy must practice thousands upon thousands of times, until every letter comes naturally and produces a perfect result.

List of female calligraphers - Wikipedia
    Al-Shifa' bint Abdullah Arabic calligrapher; Al-Nuddar (d. 984) Andalusian calligrapher and scholar; Umm al-Darda al-Sughra ; Sana (8th Century) Abassid calligrapher ; Fadl (d. 260/873-74) Abassid poet and calligrapher; Gulsum al-Attabi (d. 220/835) Arabic calligrapher; Fadl (10th Century) Duhtar-i ibn Mukla Shirazi (10th Century)

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