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Prominent Anarchists Of All Time - Famous People
    The hero of the Cuban revolutionary movement - Ernesto ‘Che Guevara’, Nelson Mandela, writers Leo Tolstoy and Oscar Wilde are considered one of the most famous anarchists of all time.

Famous works - Art by Banksy
    Famous works The anarchist rat artwork 2004, Sloane Square, London. Banksy is very inspired by rats, which he seems to frequently associate with the human race.

Artists, anarchists and Christmas Eve in Barre
    Dec 19, 1999 · Contributors included world famous anarchists such as Peter Kropotkin, Mikhail Bakunin, and Emma Goldman. Radical martyrs Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were inspired by Galleani and called...

10 Absolutely Badass Anarchist Women Who Challenged The ...
    Sep 27, 2018 · Born in New York in 1879, Margaret Sanger would become a lifelong activist and would come into contact with Emma Goldman during her life of vocal outspokenness. Sanger, too, faced the wrath of oppression for challenging the social order of the time. In 1910, she moved to Greenwich Village in New York City, which was a hotbed of political activism.

Futurism - Top Paintings and Sculptures TheArtStory
    Feb 05, 2019 · Artist: Carlo Carrà. This painting commemorates the funeral of Galli, an anarchist killed during strike action. Hundreds, including women and children, attended his funeral procession, which was led by a cohort of anarchists. The painting captures the moment that police mounted on horseback attacked the procession.

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