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Peter Voulkos Smithsonian American Art Museum
    In 1954 Voulkos became chairman of the new ceramics department at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. His pottery shop soon became the mecca for artists in the area, launching the Los Angeles clay movement, with Voulkos as its leader. Despite the accolades for his work, Voulkos began to feel constrained by the traditional forms of pottery.Born: Jan 29, 1924

Pablo Picasso — Ceramics
    Picasso’s three-dimensional ceramics mainly refers to the animalistic genre. His favourite owls with human faces (an owlet and a goat were the artist’s pets at that time) prevail among the characters: “Wood, Owl, Woman” (1953). Human images most often appear as a jar or a vase (“Woman” (1955)).

ABOUT THE ARTIST - Jennifer McCurdy
    Artist Statement Andre Gide says, "Pay attention only to the form; emotion will come spontaneously to inhabit it.A perfect dwelling always finds an inhabitant." Emotion fills me when I see perfect forms in nature, from the cracked conch shell on the beach revealing its perfect spiral, to the milkweed pod burst in the field, its brilliant airborne seeds streaming into the sunlight.

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