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Tattoos The Fable Wiki Fandom
    73 rows · Feb 10, 2021 · Tattoos are body artwork available throughout the series that can be bought from Tattoo artists all over Albion. Tattoos will have different effects on your Hero's personality: they can increase their attractiveness, their scariness and their alignment. The Hero must acquire a tattoo card by finding it or buying one from a wandering tattoo artist or a tattoo shop or stall. In Fable, Fable: The ...

Fable - Tattoo/Hairstyle FAQ - Xbox - By Revanche - GameFAQs
    26. Howl, Face Tattoo Value 62 Attractive +51 Scariness +51 Allignment -51 Location: This one is about 2 to 3 graves to left of the last one. 27. Somrune, Face Tattoo Value 58 Attractive +20 Scariness 0 Allignment 0 Location: Bargate Prison, after winning the race check the …

Where can I find a tattoo artist in the game? - Fable: The ...
    Tattooists are everywhere. They could be walking through witchwood or darkwood, or in shops in towns. One tattooist that I know of off hand is in knothole glade. His shop is located right next to the weapons/armor shop.

Where is Tattoo Guy in Knothole Glade - Fable Anniversary
    For Fable Anniversary on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Where is Tattoo Guy in Knothole Glade".

Gypsy Tattooist The Fable Wiki Fandom
    The Gypsy Tattooist is a stall in the Gypsy Camp at Bower Lake. It sells tattoos and can remove them as well. A range of unique tattoos can be found here. As with every stall it can be purchased and the prices of its products will vary depending on the areas economy, the vendor's opinion of you and other factors. Base value: Stars: Address: History:

Tattoos - Fable Anniversary - GameFAQs
    Somegamefan 6 years ago #3 There's a tattoo merchant in Knothole Glade, across from the blacksmith. There's also a tattoo merchant in Snowspire, near the house you can buy. Without a reason that's...

Fable Anniversary Complete Solution, Walkthrough
    In addition, our complete walkthrough of Fable Anniversary will reveal the locations of all keys but also the solutions to the puzzles of Demon Doors. Better yet, you will discover in this guide lines Fable Anniversary locations of all weapons and legendary armor, collectible dolls, tattoos and hairstyles. Hunting forward-Chicken!

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    Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond

Fable Anniversary - Secrets FAQ - Xbox 360 - By intermp ...
    Ian Faichnie is one of the artists for Fable. K Dunn & Associates: -------------------- In Oakvale's Memorial Garden, there is a gravestone that reads, "Mr K Dunn. Dead. At 2 gold per word, that's...

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