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MoMA Glossary of Art Terms
    Glossary of Art Terms Belle Époque. French for “beautiful era,” a term that describes the period in French history beginning in 1890 and... Ben-Day dots. Colored dots (generally in four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) used to create shading and... Biomorphic. Derived from the Greek words ...

Art terms: The ultimate artist's glossary Creative Bloq
    Feb 06, 2020 · Art terms: The ultimate artist's glossary Abrasion. A process whereby paint is removed to reveal layers beneath the surface. Usually done via friction or... Accelerated perspective. A deliberate exaggeration of perspective. It is often used to make a …Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

Glossary of art terms - Cleveland Institute of Art
    comparison of elements in terms of their relative size, or quantity renDer 1. to represent; depict; specifically to make a drawing in perspective 2. to express in other words, ways; especially to translate represent AtIon a (visual) description or statement of facts sCAle the relative size of an art work or a component within an artwork. shADInGFile Size: 1MB

Art Terminology - a glossary — ModernArts
    A group active in the invention and application of new ideas and techniques in an original or experimental way. A group of practitioners and/or advocates of a new art form may also be called avant-garde. Some avant-garde works are intended to shock those who are accustomed to traditional, established styles. BAROQUE.

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