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List of painters by name beginning with "C" - Wikipedia
    Alexandre Cabanel (1823–1889), French painter; Vincenzo Cabianca (1827–1902), Italian painter; W. Lindsay Cable (1900–1949), Scottish artist and illustrator; Francis Cadell (1883–1937), Scottish painter; James Cadenhead (1858–1927), Scottish painter; Paul Cadmus (1904–1999), American tempera artist; Pogus Caesar (born 1953), St Kitts/English photographer, artist …

Artists Starting with C Modern and Contemporary Artists
    Hugo C Aguilar. Maria C Appelzoller Ph.D. Genie C Balantac. Jeffrey C Bauer. Kevin C. Beilfuss. C. Bennett. Hubert C. Birnbaum. Marie Ségolène C. Brault. George C Clark.

Songfacts - Artist Names Starting with C
    The Cadillac Three. Cadet. Caesars. Caerphilly Male Voice Choir. Café Tacuba. Cage the Elephant. Caitlin Rose. Cake. The Call.

Browse Artists Starting with C – Artists on artnet
    John Cabeen (American) Adriaen van der Cabel (Dutch, 1631–1705) Cesare Cabelli (Italian, 1841–1918) José Cabello Ruize (Spanish) Lita Cabellut (Spanish, 1961) Cabelo (1967) Francesco Maria Caberlon (Italian, 1953) Amit Cabessa (Israeli, 1977) Miriam Cabessa …

Artists & Painters Whose Name Starts With C
    Discover the famous artists & painters whose name starts with C. The list includes people like Claude Monet, Caravaggio, Christopher Tolkien, Charlotte Johnson Wahl, Caspar David Friedrich and …

Artists and Bands Whose Names Start with C
    Ce Ce Peniston (3) Ce Ce Rogers (2) Cee-Lo (1) Celine Dion (44) Central Line (1) Chad Brock (2) Chad Hudson (1) Chad Kroeger (1) Chaka Demus & Pliers (3)

List of rock bands & music artists that start with C
    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's music unerringly reflected the tastes & viewpoints of the counterculture in the late 1960s and early 1970s. artist.

Singers and Bands Beginning with C -
    The Cab Cadillac The Caesars Cage The Elephant Colbie Caillat Cake Cale Dodds Cameo Camera Obscura Camila Cabello The Campaign For Real-Time Glen Campbell Camp Rock Can C&C Music Factory Candlebox Canned Heat Cannibal Corpse Nick Cannon Cansei De Ser Sexy Capital Cities The Capitols Cappella The Captain and Tennille Captain Cuts Captain Jack Captain Tractor Carach Angren Irene Cara Caramell Caramell Caravan Palace Carbon Leaf Cardi B The Cardigans Mariah Carey Caribou Brandi Carlile Belinda ...

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