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Rhythmic and artistic gymnastics explained Olympic Channel
    As with artistic gymnastics, performances in rhythmic gymnastics are given a maximum score of 20, comprising difficulty (D) and execution (E) scores. · The D score is based on each element of the performance including leaps, jumps and use of apparatus. These D scores are averaged to give a …

How to score in Artistic Gymnastics: Apparatus ...
    Performance. Only three routines in artistic gymnastics have a time limit: men’s floor exercise (70 seconds) and women’s balance beam and floor exercise (90 seconds). Routines running over the maximum timing receive a 0.1 penalty. Women’s floor exercise is the only event set to music. Gymnasts typically pick their own music in consultation with their coaches, a choreographer and ...

USA Gymnastics Men's Artistic Scoring
    The highest and lowest judges' scores were dropped; the remaining four were averaged and then subtracted from the start value to reach the gymnast's score. The highest attainable score for a routine was determined by the start value; the maximum available was 10. Difficulty (D) Score: difficulty and technical content score

What is the highest gymnastics score possible?
    Both men'sand women's artistic gymnasticsused to be well-known for the top score: the 10.0. First achieved in the Olympics by female gymnasticslegend Nadia Comaneci, the 10.0 marked a perfectroutine. Since 1992, however, no artistic gymnastshave earned a 10.0 in the World Championships or Olympics.

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