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Sculpture House Tools and Materials
    Customer Favorites. Armature Wire - 1/8" by 20'. Price: $9.20. Basic Stone Carving Set. Price: $115.00. Cappelletto 3-Leg Wood Modeling Stand with Casters. Price: $185.00. Deep Ocean Green Soapstone - 4 lb. Block. Price: $15.00.

Materials for Sculpture & Art Casting Projects - Reynolds ...
    Sculpture & Art Casting Reynolds carries both sculpting supplies for creating original models and mold making and casting materials to create duplicates. Our mold making rubber line includes materials that can be poured on, pressed on or brushed on.

Sculpture Depot - Clay, Wax, and Sculpting Tools
    Sculpture Depot is the exclusive distributor and happy to serve your armature needs. Glyptic Tools High quality, interchangeable tools were created and patented in 1999 by K.D .Art Enterprise, Inc.

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