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Painting Encrusted With Elephant Dung to Go to Auction for ...
    May 29, 2015 · Virgin Mary Painting Encrusted With Elephant Dung to Go to Auction for $2.3 Million Artist Chris Ofili's controversial work "The Holy Virgin Mary" …Author: Sarah Begley

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    Chris Ofili is famous for shocking the world by using elephant dung on a painting of the Virgin Mary, however as well as being provocative, his work is embroiled in a nuanced and complex set of religious and socio-political issues.Nationality: British

At $2.3 Million, It's The Most Expensive Painting Made Of ...
    Jun 01, 2015 · His shocking depiction of an African Virgin Mary features an exposed breast formed from lacquered elephant dung as well as a robe made of pornographic depictions of women’s asses. The work is being sold via Christie’s this June, and is expected to go for a cool $2.3 million.Author: Priscilla Frank

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