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Fake Artist Online
    An online party game based on Oink Games' "A Fake Artist Goes to New York". Draw with your phone or a mouse.

El Anatsui - 85 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    A critically acclaimed mixed-media artist, El Anatsui gained worldwide recognition in the early 2000s for his shimmering, monumental wall hangings, visual feasts …Nationality: Ghanaian

El Lissitzky Paintings, Bio, Ideas TheArtStory
    Russian avant-garde artist El Lissitzky, made a career of utilizing art for social change. In fact, he made the very first abstract work with a political message. Although often highly abstract and theoretical, Lissitzky's work was able speak to the prevailing political discourse of his native Russia, and then the nascent Soviet Union.Nationality: Russian

El Anatsui « Artists « Jack Shainman Gallery
    El Anatsui (b. 1944 Ghana; lives and works in Nigeria) transforms simple materials into complex assemblages that create a distinctive visual impact. His typical material palette includes discarded resources such as liquor bottle caps, printing plates and cassava graters to …

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