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El Greco Spanish artist Britannica
    El Greco, byname of Doménikos Theotokópoulos, (born 1541, Candia [Iráklion], Crete—died April 7, 1614, Toledo, Spain), master of Spanish painting, whose highly individual dramatic and expressionistic style met with the puzzlement of his contemporaries but …

El Greco (Spanish, 1541–1614) - National Gallery of Art
    The man known as El Greco was a Greek artist whose emotional style vividly expressed the passion of Counter-Reformation Spain. Here at the National Gallery is the most important collection of his work outside that country, which was his adopted home.

Spanish Painters: El Greco (1541-1614)
    El Greco, whose real name was Domenikos Theotokopoulos, actually originated from Greece but has been adopted into Spanish culture after he spent most of his life in Toledo, Spain. He is better know as El Greco (or The Greek), even though he signed his name on …

El Greco Biography, Life & Quotes TheArtStory
    El Greco is generally considered one of the leading figures of the Spanish Renaissance that defined the 15 th and 16 th centuries.

El Greco - Paintings, Toledo & Greek - Biography
    Sep 18, 2019 · El Greco was a Greek artist whose painting and sculpture helped define the Spanish Renaissance and influence various movements to come. Who Was El Greco? El Greco was born around 1541 in Crete,...

El Greco Paintings, Bio, Ideas TheArtStory
    Summary of El Greco El Greco's life and work were marked by a deep underlying devotion to God. Compelled as a young man to become an artist, he mastered a longstanding tradition of Byzantine icon art, yet by the time he eventually settled in Spain his inspiration was largely drawn from the burgeoning Italian and Spanish Renaissances.Nationality: Greek-Spanish

El Greco Artworks & Famous Paintings TheArtStory
    El Greco was known to claim that an artist "must study the Masters but guard the original style that beats within your soul," emphasizing the importance of establishing and being true to his own vision and individual artistic language.

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