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    Article Wikipedia article References Domenikos Theotokopoulos, other wise known as “El Greco” due to his Greek heritage, was a popular Greek painter, sculptor, and architect of the Spanish Renaissance. He was a master of post-Byzantine art by the age of 26, when he traveled to Venice, and later Rome, where he opened his first workshop.Birth place: Crete, Greece

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    The painting is part of El Greco's first major commission for the Church Santo Domingo in Toledo, and, as soon as it was completed it established him within the community as a revered artist. Today it is considered one of his masterpieces, and noted as one of Édouard Manet's favorite paintings.

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    Biography El Greco (meaning “the Greek”), born Domenikos Theotokopoulos, is widely regarded as one of the foremost painters of the Spanish Renaissance. His paintings are renowned for their spiritual intensity and use of radically foreshortened, elongated figures, depicted in …Nationality: Greek

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