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Edward Hicks American painter Britannica
    Edward Hicks, (born April 4, 1780, Attleboro, Pa., U.S.—died Aug. 23, 1849, Newtown, Pa.), American primitive, or folk, painter known for his naive depictions of the farms and landscape of Pennsylvania and New York, and especially for his many versions (about 25 …

Edward Hicks - - Visual Art Encyclopedia
    Edward Hicks (April 4, 1780 – August 23, 1849) was an American folk painter and distinguished religious minister of the Society of Friends (aka "Quakers"). He became a Quaker icon because of his paintings. Edward Hicks was born in his grandfather's mansion at Attleboro (now Langhorne), in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His parents were Anglican.Birth place: Langhorne, Pennsylvania, United States

Edward Hicks - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Edward Hicks American On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 751 The Quaker minister and painter Edward Hicks is best known for his Peaceable Kingdom pictures, of which sixty-two exist.

The Art of Edward Hicks - Colonial Williamsburg
    Perhaps the most beloved of 19th-century American folk artists, Edward Hicks is known for his paintings of the Peaceable Kingdom. Four of these iconic images are on view, showing with lions, wolves, cows, lambs and children peacefully coexisting.

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