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Kac, Eduardo
    Dialogical, telepresence and biotelematic art: Telecommunications Art Live events and networks before the Web: Media Poetry and Language Art Holopoetry, multimedia works, biopoetry: Early Works Performance, visual poetry, mixed media: Texts (by and about E. Kac)

Eduardo Kac Brazilian American artist Britannica
    Eduardo Kac, (born July 3, 1962, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Brazilian American artist who was best known for his works featuring genetically altered organisms in ways that frequently had conceptual or symbolic import. He termed these endeavours “bio art” or “ transgenic art.”

Eduardo Kac born 1962 Tate
    Eduardo Kac [ɛdwardoʊ kæts; ĕd·wâr′·dō kăts] (1962) is a Brazilian-American contemporary artist and professor whose artworks span a wide range of practices, including performance art, poetry, holography, interactive art, telematic art and transgenic art.

BIO ART - Eduardo Kac
    Time Capsule(1997), by Eduardo Kac, was realized on November 11, 1997, at Casa das Rosas, a cultural center in São Paulo, Brazil. It approached the problem of wet interfaces and human hosting of digital memory through the implantation of a microchip.

Eduardo Kac - 32 Artworks for Sale on Artsy
    Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Eduardo KacNationality: Brazilian

Eduardo Kac DEUS (1986) Available for Sale Artsy
    Other works by Eduardo Kac. View all. Eduardo Kac. D(eu)S, 1986. Baró Galeria. Contact for price. Eduardo Kac. Untitled. Henrique Faria Fine Art ... and Drawings for a Non-Event, June 5-25, 1968, the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1968. Alternate Projects. $500. Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman. Paik's "Robot Opera" in his old loft, 359 ...Brand: Eduardo Kac

Eduardo Kac .BEEP { collection;} Time Capsule
    Eduardo Kac, Artist, Beep Collection, Time Capsule. Collection. Foundation

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