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    In his final works, Paschke depicted well-known figures, like Elvis Presley, George Washington, Osama bin Laden, Mona Lisa, enlarging the scale to comment on the interaction of humanity and technology. Known as “Mr. Chicago,” Paschke was associated with the Chicago Imagists and spent the majority of life in the city.

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    Ed Paschke was an American painter best known for his neon-hued images of pin-up posters, glowing televisions, and classical Greek sculptures. Influenced by the Pop Art of Andy Warhol, Paschke produced works which darkly mirrored media culture rather than mimicked it, …

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    Edward Francis Paschke (June 22, 1939 – November 25, 2004) was an American painter of Polish descent. His childhood interest in animation and cartoons, as well as his father's creativity in wood carving and construction, led him toward a career in art.

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    Ed Paschke, in full Edward Francis Paschke, Jr., (born June 22, 1939, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—died November 25, 2004, Chicago), American artist affiliated with the Chicago Imagists and known for his confrontational, colourful paintings, many of which depict society’s marginal figures and make reference to pop culture, often in a highly sexualized or grotesque manner.

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