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    Considered one of the foremost postwar abstract painters in the Southern California scene, working alongside a generation of artists known as the “cool school,” Ed Moses has been engaged in what he sees as a continual process of discovery for more than half a century.Nationality: American

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    Ed Moses is an American painter and central figure in the Los Angeles art scene and a key promoter of Post-War, West Coast art. Best known for his eclectic range of abstract paintings, Moses’ work is unified by his interest in transitory processes and the mutability of concepts.Nationality: American

ED MOSES — William Turner Gallery
    Ed Moses was born on April 9, 1926 in Long Beach, CA. His mother Olivia Branco had just separated from his father Alphonses Moses, and was relocating the family from Hawaii to California. Moses did not initially choose the artistic path. After serving as a surgical technician during World War II, Moses intended to become a doctor.

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