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eCon Artist
    eCon Artist's purpose is to provide a home for intellectual curiosity and humor. We will explore topics typically brought up in an economic curriculum and the material will be used to inspire improv comedy scenes. As we figure things out we'll continue to grow and evolve with our content and delivery.

Arts Economics Welcome to Arts Economics
    Arts Economics is a research and consulting firm focused exclusively on the art economy. We carry out bespoke research and analysis on the fine and decorative art market for private and institutional clients.

Art Market Economics Online Course Christie's Education
    Mar 14, 2021 · Art Market Economics is an intensive and in-depth course designed to introduce you to the essential features of today’s art market. Written and presented by Dr Clare McAndrew, leading art economist and author of the annual industry benchmark report, The …

The Painter Subverting Art-World Economics, $100 at a Time ...
    Jan 06, 2021 · An artist subverting art-world economics, $100 at a time. It doesn’t have to be this way. Out in Vancouver, the painter Jean Smith is quietly subverting art-world economics, $100 at a …

Arts - Econlib
    By Tyler Cowen G eneral economic principles govern the arts. Most important, artists use scarce means to achieve ends—and therefore recognize trade-offs, the defining aspects of economic behavior. Also, many other economic aspects of the arts make the arts similar to the more typical goods and services that economists analyze.

    ART ECON. jako umění, které je inspirativním základem odborné výuky mnohých našich studijních oborů a rozvíjí estetické cítění studentů. jako ekonomika a její vybrané vyučované oblasti jako příprava pro praktické uplatnění našich absolventů na trhu práce i v životě.

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