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Art Easels for Painting Michaels
    The right tools make it easy to tap into your inner artist with a variety of projects. Create your own masterpiece with the perfect art easel from Michaels.

Artist Studio Easels - Jerry's Artarama
    Studio Easels - choose from a large selection of easels for use in the studio, like h-frame, a-frame, convertible, and single-mast easels, wood, aluminum and convertible easels for sale at the best prices and selection. What is a studio easel? An easel that stays in one place and is generally used during studio painting. They are so lovely that they can easily enhance your home's decor as they ...

Cappelletto Studio Easels - Jerry's Artarama
    Cappelletto has provided artists with stunning, robust easels with the Italian care for detail and functionality of their design and style synonymous with the name Cappelletto. ... "As a professional artist I use a lot of supplies and I've been shopping at Jerry's since 1996!" ... I get what I need at the lowest prices"

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