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Frans Hals (Dutch, c. 1582/1583–1666)
    Frans Hals was the leading painter in seventeenth-century Haarlem, a Dutch city whose prosperity derived from brewing beer and producing luxury fabrics. Although Hals painted some scenes of daily life, he was primarily a portraitist.

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    Frans Hals (c. 1580 - August 26, 1666) was a Dutch Golden Age painter especially famous for portraiture. He is notable for his loose painterly brushwork, and helped introduce this lively style of painting into Dutch art. Hals was also instrumental in the evolution of 17th century group portraiture. Hals was born in 1580 or 1581, in Antwerp.

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    Mar 30, 2019 · Hals is a zafdig painter and distinguished himself from many other Dutch artists in his style and in his preference for portraits. When the Nazis started bombing London in …Author: Brian T. Allen

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    Frans Hals is one of the most celebrated and prominent painters of the Dutch Golden Age, probably only second to Rembrandt or Vermeer. Although Hals enjoyed success during his lifetime, he was largely forgotten by the generations that followed.Nationality: Dutch

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    Portrait of Dorothea Berck, (1593-1684) by Frans Hals. 1644 oil on canvas. Portrait of the wife of Joseph Coymans, a wealthy Dutch businessman. Painted on the occasion of their daughter Isabella's wedding. In the portrait she wears one glove - on her right hand.27 pins

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    Frans Hals the Elder (1582 – 1666) was a Dutch Golden Age painter, usually of portraits, who lived and worked in Haarlem, a city in the Netherlands. He is notable for his loose painterly brushwork, and he helped introduce this lively style of painting into Dutch art. Hals played an essential role in the evolution of 17th-century group ...

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