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The Artistic Revolution in France Art History Unstuffed
    Dec 11, 2009 · The French Revolution upended the state-based system of educating and rewarding artists, but only for a time. During the Revolution, artists either participated in propagandizing the aims and ideals of the revolutionary cause or risked being denounced and imprisoned by zealots.

Art of the French Revolution - Travel France
    Arguably the most famous work of art of the French Revolution is the oil on canvas painting by French artist Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) titled: "Liberty Leading the People (La Liberté guidant le people)."

Art of the French revolution — Google Arts & Culture
    Art of the French revolution. ... who will be researching the time period during and after the French Revolution and reading fiction novels written during that time frame. Marie Leszczinska, queen of France, Carle Van Loo, 1747, From the collection of: Palace of Versailles.

Vigée Le Brun: Woman Artist of the French Revolution ...
    National Gallery, London Vigée Le Brun: Woman Artist in Revolutionary France, an exhibition now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a long-overdue retrospective of the artist known as France’s last great portraitist, Louise Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun enjoyed the patronage of powerful women during a …

Neo-classicism and the French Revolution Oxford Art
    Introduction. Jacques-Louis David: Oath of the Horatii, oil on canvas, 3.30×4.25 m, 1784 (Paris, Musée du Louvre); Photo credit: Scala/Art Resources NY The French Revolution (1789–1799) was flanked by two artistic styles, Rococo and Neo-classicism. Rococo is a decorative style of the early to mid-18th century derived from the French word rocaille meaning shell.

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