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Andy Warhol And His Artistic Influence - Culture Trip
    Sep 06, 2016 · However, the attack didn’t stop Warhol’s artistic endeavors. He was the first artist to use the Amiga computers introduced in 1984 to digitally generate new art forms. Warhol also tried his hand at sculpting, and even worked in television, hosting Andy Warhol’s TV and Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes on MTV.

Seven Artists on the Warhol Influence - The New York Times
    Nov 01, 2018 · Nov. 1, 2018 Three decades after Andy Warhol’s death, he remains one of America’s most provocative artists. His influence on popular culture is so pervasive that each emerging art movement after...Author: Antwaun Sargent

Warhol's Influence - Artsy
    Feb 07, 2014 · Andy Warhol’s early 1960s paintings, such as his soup cans, Brillo boxes, Coke paintings, flowers or his series of Marilyn Monroe were some of the most influential paintings of the 20th century. This is because they became synonymous with the rise of

Under Andy’s Spell: 10 Artists Inspired by Warhol on his ...
    Aug 06, 2015 · Pop Art icon Andy Warhol ‘s legacy is indisputable. His melding of high- and lowbrow, with the tendency to appropriate celebrity and consumer culture and an innovative approach to film-making, has influenced countless artists both before and after his death in 1987.

Andy Warhol’s Influence on Art Today Departures
    Mar 30, 2010 · These days Warhol is a movement bordering on a religion, and his almighty influence is on full view in London this fall at the Tate Modern’s big exhibition “Pop Life: Art in a Material World.” The show’s basic tenet is that “Warhol’s most radical lesson is reflected in the work of artists of subsequent generations who have ...

How Warhol’s Complicated Relationship with Catholicism ...
    One exception was an Esquire magazine article from 1966, in which Warhol’s pious mother, Julia, boasted to the reporter, “He [is a] good religious boy.” 1 Published after his death, The Andy Warhol Diaries reported the artist’s daily activities for decades, with more than fifty mentions of his going to church. 2 In Bob Colacello’s ...

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