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Andy Warhol And His Artistic Influence - Culture Trip
    Sep 06, 2016 · However, the attack didn’t stop Warhol’s artistic endeavors. He was the first artist to use the Amiga computers introduced in 1984 to digitally generate new art forms. Warhol also tried his hand at sculpting, and even worked in television, hosting Andy Warhol’s TV and Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes on MTV.

What inspired Andy Warhol to be an artist?
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Andy Warhol American artist Britannica
    Feb 18, 2021 · Andy Warhol, American artist and filmmaker, an initiator and leading exponent of the Pop art movement of the 1960s whose mass-produced art apotheosized the supposed banality of the commercial culture of the United States. An adroit self-publicist, he projected a concept of the artist as an

16 of the Most Famous Andy Warhol Paintings ...
    Jan 31, 2018 · Though Warhol did not have any interest in painting cows, he got involved chiefly due to the influences of the Pop art dealer, Ivan Karp along with printmaker Gerard Malanga. The foremost in the print series, it manifests Warhol’s extensive usage of bright and vibrant colors to produce the impression of seeing the subject on an acid strip.

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