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    Mar 21, 2020 · Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist who produces natural sculptures and land art in natural and urban settings. He lives and works in Scotland. He uses natural materials and documents both the building and the decay process.

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    In this way, Goldsworthy relates to the Bauhaus artist Joseph Albers whose studies underscored the power of color in creating space. Works such as Red Leaf Patch led some to criticize Goldsworthy for overly aestheticizing nature. In his own defense, he has argued: "But I have to work with flowers and leaves, because they are part of the land."Nationality: British

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    Andy Goldsworthy, (born July 26, 1956, Cheshire, England), British sculptor, land artist, and photographer known for ephemeral works created outdoors from natural materials found on-site. As an adolescent growing up in Yorkshire, England, Goldsworthy worked as a farm labourer when not in school.

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    Andy Goldsworthy study notes 1-April-20 Artist: British multidisciplinary artist - born in UK in 1956 Spent his teenage years working on a manual farm which sparked his interest in working outdoors He attended art school at Bradford College of Arts and Preston Polytechnic Photography plays an important part of Goldsworthy’s work as it proves the artwork existed. o He began photo-documenting ...

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    View Artist Study- Andy Goldsworthy 70pts.docx from ENGLISH MISC at Space Coast Junior/senior High School. Artist Study- Andy Goldsworthy *Can you upload a photo you took to a word

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    Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, renowned in his field, that creates temporary installations out of sticks and stones, and anything and everything else that he finds outside. The son of a mathematician, Goldsworthy grew up working on farms before eventually getting his BA from what is now the University of Central Lancashire.84 pins

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